Create a Scary Dragon Sunset Scene in Photoshop

In this tutorial will teach to create a scary sunset scene with a dragon spitting fire by using custom brushes and some filters.

Final result of this tutorial.

For this tutorial we require some resources.

A background scenery, dragon image, water splash, moon, fire image and lightning brush.

Water splash image. Refer this tutorial for creating splash.

Dragon picture I got it from Copyrights of this picture belongs to the respective owner.

Brushes – You can download it from here.

To start, first lets start with taking out the background color from the dragon image.

By using the pen tool or the extract tool from the filter menu we can remove the background color.

Now lets place the edited dragon, on to the scene.

Place the water splash on the top layer and below the dragon head layer.

Load the downloaded. If you are not familiar with loading the brush follow the step.

Newly loaded brush will be at the bottom.

Select the lightning brush. change the size to 300. Make a new layer and click once.

Apply a light yellow color (#ffe44d).

To create a water depth around the splash – create an oval (#2c392f )as below and apply radial blur from the filter menu.

Change the blur amount to 15.

Place it below the splash layer.

Now its turn to give a sunset effect. For this we have to change  the settings in the(ctrl+U) hue and saturation panel.

The result we be as below

Now give some color to the splash. Applylight yellow  color overlay (#ffeba7)

Take the flame image and place it carefully inside the mouth of the dragon. It should be in the centre so should look like its coming from the throght.

Next apply a gradient from the top to make the sky darker. Select black color foreground and background color to transparent.

Arrange the layer just above the scene layer and change the layer blending mode to Overlay.

Place a moon.

Select the dragon layer .

Go the filters > Render >Lighting effects > change the settings as below.

The final results will be like this.

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  1. joyoge designers' bookmark says:

    very nice tutorial thanks..

  2. Aditya says:

    You left me high and dry… I came here expecting you’ll go through the whole process of creating the dragon and the fire too…

  3. Tashy says:

    thats not what the title said she said creating a scene….read it slowly next time smh

  4. paslanmaz boru says:

    dragon hot supper

  5. Siladitya says:

    nice tuto really.
    Haiku Poems

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  7. albert says:

    nice tutorial bro.. good lighting effects! :p

  8. Pedro Diaz says:

    Good tutorial! tks!

  9. sachin says:

    hi man,

    ur concept is good, also result is appreciateable


  10. PsdDude says:

    I like the concept of the tutorial but there are things that dont look right for example the water is yellow and the splash white…
    good idea though

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  12. 3ds max Lessons says:

    I like of this images and tutorial, it is very useful
    Thank you

  13. Sakib says:

    Good tutorial although the lightning would be visible in front of the moon.

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