Create a Smoky Car Crashing Shot in Photoshop

We have another tutorial this week in which we will learn some menus of blur filter, which will help us create smoke effect. We will also cover up some brush technique too to make this smoke effect. 
To start the tutorial we need 3 stock photos.
1. F1 car
2. The background road scene.
3. Fire (FreeFoto)

Open a document 600 x 425.
Position the road scene in the center.

Place the edited F1 car.

Create a new layer, name it car shadow.

Next,  make a shape with black fill as below. This will be the shadow of the F1 car.

Once the position of the car has been decided, hide the layer for now.

To make some smoky environment  we need to draw a shape as below in a new layer. Fill it with White color.

Apply for both, Gaussian blur filter with below settings.

Our background is ready. Lets place the F1 car now over these 2 layers. (shadow and smoke bg )

Rotate the angle of the car to 25 to 30 degree. Leave it there.

We will be requiring 4 layers of this later. So keep a layer of this intact.

Making the smoke effect.

Select a brush. In the setting panel change the master diameter to 20.

Change the brush stroke Spacing to 60.

Change the Size Jitter to 100%. Let remaining things be the same.

Change the Scatter to 200% ,Count slider to 3.

Now slide the foreground/background Jitter to max (100%)

Draw with the brush as below. You can see the brush dots are in different sizes and in different white, greys and black.

Next got to the filter menu.

In the Blur filter,¬† select¬† Shape Blur. Select an ellipse shape or the shape (Bull’s eye shape).

Change the radius to 10. Click the preview box. See the smoke effect.

Now lets take the fire stock image.

Draw a shape as below and apply 20px feathering. Copy this area and paste it over the F1 car.

Rotate the fire to adjust to the angle of the car.

Change the layer blending option to Screen.

Duplicate the F1 car. Scale it about 130% to 140%. Let that layer be at the back.

From the Blur filter, Select the Radial blur.

Change the amount of blur to 100. Make the blur method to Zoom.

Results will be like below.

Now to give a speed car toppling effect, lets give the car a blur effect.

For that we will use the same Radial blur. The difference is instead of zoom we will use Spin.

Duplicate the F1 car layer once again. Should not use on this layer . We need it later.

Change the centre of blur by dragging it towards the bottom right corner as shown below. This is done because we don’t want only a heavy blur on this corner.

Now change the blur amount to 2 – 3.

See the result below.

Now change the amount to 10. See the result below

Now reveal the F1 original car layer which we hid.

Change the layer blending option to Lighten.

The final result of hi speed car toppling with smoke and fire.

Hope you enjoyed it.


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