Create a Flower Basket using photoshop patterns

In this tutorial we will cover ” how to use photoshop patterns effectively”. Its basically written for beginners.

Final Result of the flower basket using patterns.

We are going to use the below displayed  photoshop patterns, “bamboo patterns” to create this basket.

Download this photoshop patterns by right clicking > and save file.

Open a document 600px X 450px with white background.

Create a new layer.

First lets draw an outline box for reference. which will guide us to make the basket.

Press Ctrl+T to transform it, as below (step 2). This is to make a perspective look for the basket.

Now we have got the shape which we desired.

So now this is a  sides of the basket. We will build other parts of the basket based on this shape. Next we need the other side.

We will mirror the same by duplication this layer for making the right side also.

The below selection  shows the  size of the photoshop patterns we need to cut.

Now we will fill the selection with the photoshop patterns, or cut the downloaded photoshop patterns to this size.

Again, to the transform Menu.

Select the  “Distort” in the transform menu.

Click on the corner nodes and drag it to make the shape of the reference outline.

Well. So now we have got this result.

Duplicate the left layer.

Select the duplicated layer.

Press Crtl+T  and left click to bring out the fly-out menu.

Select the “Flip Horizontal”.

Now we have got the mirrored result of the left side.

Next Press L to get the lasso tool.

Select the polygonal lasso.

Create a new layer, and draw a shape as below on top of the two layers which we have created earlier.

Fill it with # 664937   color.

Now along the border let’s draw a border.

Select the brush tool with abrush size of 10px.

Draw it along the borders as below.

Apply the bevel setting.

Create a new layer for the background. Keep it at the bottom most.

Fill it with gradient – foreground #255eb5    background #082247.

Lets change the level of the bamboo-pattern.  Apply to both the sides. This  give more realistic look.

Press Ctrl+L to change the level.

Apply inner shadow with the below settings.

The results are as below.

Place your favorite flower picture carefully on top.

The end results are as below. Hope you enjoyed the quick tut about using photoshop patterns.



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