Create a night glowing text effects with neon frost in photoshop

In this Photoshop tutorial will learn how to create a night glowing text effects with neon frost on it which you might have seen in some movie poster. We will use some filters and technique to get the result of glowing text.

Final result of the Tutorial

Open a new Document.
Create a new layer and fill it with #051a1b color.
For this tutorial I have used Rexlia font. You can download this from dafont.
On the dark background type the text GLOW on 120 pt. Apply white color.

We move on to create the neon frost.

Duplicate the text layer.Change the color to #980ceb. Move it on top as shown below.

To Rasterize this layer, go to layers (F7). Select the duplicated layer for frost and right click to bring out the options. Select the Rasterize.

Once you have done it, apply Gaussian blur with the following setting to make a blurry frost effect.

Now we need to remove the bottom part of the frost.

Make a selection with rectangle marquee tool at the bottom as shown below.

To have a smooth edges we will  feather the edges.

Press Alt+ Ctrl +D to bring out the setting for feather edge.

text effects

Enter 20 in feather radius box.

Hit delete key to remove the bottom area.

text effects

Place it behind the white glow text. See the result below.

text effects

Now, let this remain here. We will move to the next layer.

Select the white Glow text layer.

Apply the bevel setting and the color change from the layer blending option.

Color the layer with black.

Now change the bevel settings.

text effects

We get result something like this.

text effects

Next make a flattened copy this layer and paste it below.

Right click the layer to bring out the transform menu. Select the “Flip Vertical” from the menu.

text effects

As we did on top , to delete some part of the text repeat the same here to delete the bottom part

Make a selection with the marquee tool and apply feather of 20 px.

Hit delete button to remove the selected part. Watch the result below.

Next Type the same text “GLOW” once again.

Rasterize the layer.

Right click on the layer to bring out the Using the layer transform menu ( Ctrl+T).

Select the Perspective.

Change the value of W on top menu to 120%  and H to 150%.

Results are as below.

Make a selection and feather it with 20 px.

Delete the selected area hitting Delete key.

text effects

Apply some Gaussian blur to the layer.

text effects

Apply #00b1bc color to the layer from layer blending option. See the result.

text effects

We are almost done. As last s Lets add some lens flare at the background layer to make the final text effects.

text effects

Here is the text effects final rendering.

Thanks for going through the tutorials. Hope you enjoyed.


  1. sarah says:

    Nice to follow tutorial. End result very nice

  2. Celeste O'Neill says:

    This is the most amazing illustration and teaching in this tutorial that I have ever seen! Easy to follow instructions, thank you.

  3. David says:

    Silly question… Step #17 after you have added the Gaussian Blur and added the color overlay, Do you move and transform using Perspective again? It seems as though there is a step missing. My text is still on top??

  4. OLIGUNNER says:

    cool tutorial a like this text effect a think Ive used it to good effect so far here the link to it >

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