Create a Valentine cards in photoshop

In this tutorial, we will create a valentine cards in Photoshop.  We will be use Photoshop shapes to create this card. This is to create a scalable Valentine cards.

Final result of the valentine cards in Photoshop

Open a document 600 x 400 with  white background.

From the custom shapes (U) select Heart Card shape.  Drag and draw a shape as below. fill it with red color, #f73430.


Apply Bevel on the shape. Here Shading settings are important.

Apply gradient and color #f73430 to white #ffffff.

Dont miss to change the default gradient style to radial.


Now little bit of manual work we have to do.

Make two shapes as below one by one  by using pen tool.

Go to layer blending option and apply gradient overlay with following settings.

Now make two ellipse as below – one by one filled with white color.

Duplicate the bigger ellipse.

On the duplicate bigger ellipse layer apply some blur.

From the filter menu apply Gaussian blur.Move the radius slider to 2.2,  till it shows some result as below.

Bring back the bigger ellipse with is hidden at the back. Or create a new white ellipse like below and fill it with white color.

Next create a  horizontal “S” shape. with outline pen tool. Make a brush preset with heart Card.


Apply gradient with outer glow as shown below.

The results are shown below.

Create a new background layer with pink gradient background with start color #e3148a  and end color #f38adf.

Just above the background layer, draw a custom  shape from the custom shapes (U). Select the Registration Target2.

Apply gradient color with below shown values.

Now our work looks like this.

Create a glowing flakes.

Select a soft brush around 20 px. Follow the steps below. or refer this tutorial





Create a new layer. Go to Paths. Select the “S” shape. and right click to bring out the menu. Click the stroke Path.

After applying the pale yellow color from the layer blending option, see the result.

Now we will add a shape at the background just above the Target registration shape.

You can download this shapes from Brushzyy.

Place the shape on the either side of the heart as below.

Apply Bevel (default setting) from the layer style. We are near to end the Valentine cards tutorials.

Apply golden yellow  color for the shape.

Results are shown below.

We are done with it and created a valentine cards in Photoshop.

Using your favorite Chopin script downloaded from dafont. Type the content you wish.


Final result of  valentine cards.

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