Photoshop tutorial

Create a Smoky Car Crashing Shot in Photoshop

We have another tutorial this week in which we will learn some menus of blur filter, which will help us create smoke effect. We will also cover up some brush technique too to make this smoke effect.  Incoming search terms: how to make a car crash in photoshop photoshop...

Create a Cool Stitched Tag in Photoshop

In this tutorial we will learn how to make a tag. We will also learn some advanced steps in brush settings. Incoming search terms: stitching photoshop stitch photoshop coffee sack texture stitching psd sack texture photoshop stitching photoshop stitch stitch effect photoshop brown sack stitched tag

Design a Quick Perfume Ad in Photoshop

In this tutorial we will design a perfume Ad. The lesson will be covering How to Use Brushes in Photoshop. We will be also using certain other technique to create a complete underwater effect. Incoming search terms: photoshop design perfume background perfume ads perfume bottle psd background designs for...

Create an Incredible Chrome 3D Text Effect in 7 steps

In this tutorial we will be learning how to make an incredible chrome text effect in just a few steps. Incoming search terms: photoshop chrome text Photoshop Silver effect chrome text text psd chrome type photoshop chrome effect silver effect photoshop chrome text effect font effect psd 3d text

Create a Deep Grunge Text Effect

In this Tutorial we will make a deep grunge and cracked Text effect. We will also come across how to use textures for creating certain inspiring results in less than 10 steps!. Incoming search terms: Create a Deep Grunge Text Effect deep grunge photoshop text effects deep grunge text...

Create a Scary Dragon Sunset Scene in Photoshop

In this tutorial will teach to create a scary sunset scene with a dragon spitting fire by using custom brushes and some filters. Incoming search terms: scary dragons scary dragon dragon scary dragon pictures water splash photoshop water splash texture water splash brush water splash brushes splash water splash

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